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Your Child's First Dental Appointment

Before your child turns one, we recommend they have their first dentist visit. Your child's first visit has two goals. First, it is important to gently introduce your child to the dental experience. Second, you want to begin in-office preventive procedures during this time and begin scheduling routine visits and cleanings every six months.

Our staff is trained and experienced in treating children and will make their visits comfortable, easy and even fun. We strive to create a fun and stress-free experience from your child's first visit to our Santa Ana Dentist office. Each new step is gently introduced and reinforced in a friendly way by our staff.

During the first visit, we want to examine your child's teeth and gums, perform a teeth cleaning, apply topical fluoride, and take appropriate x-rays. We strive to complete all of these important steps, but remain flexible and understand all of our little patients need to progress at their own pace and comfort level.

The first visit can stressful for a child. Parents are expected to accompany their children. It helps to prepare them for the visit by following these simple steps:

1. Let your child know the visits to the dentist are an important part of growing up because teeth are important!

2. Give your child assurance and emotional support.

3. Discuss the dentist's office in a pleasant way children are very impressionable. They will read your cues and behavior. Remaining calm and relaxed will help your child understand that a trip to the dentist is not a frightening experience. First visits to the dentist set the tone for a lifetime of dental visits, and it is important to establish good dental hygiene practices from the first visit.

It is not unusual for young children to be reluctant and refuse to cooperate initially. It is very common to see children agitated during visits, but it is essential to remain calm and reinsure your child. Children may cry and refuse to sit still, or remain in the patient's chair. Parents who remain calm and reinforce good behaviors with our staff have the most successful visits. The friendly staff at Bristol Dental Group will demonstrate that visits to the dentist office are easy and are not going to be a painful experience. Working together, parents and our staff can establish good dental hygiene habits while making visits to the dentist's office fun.